Top 10 Best Home Theater Projectors in 2017 Reviews

After a long day in the office, all you want to do is to come home where it is peaceful and relax. Well, they say the best way to relax your mind is to get your body entertained. And this is because entertainment helps a lot to the extent that it is regarded as one of the best remedies for stress. There are many ways to entertain yourself, but the use of a home theater projector to watch TV shows, play games or stream movies seems to be the best.

Projectors are known for their large displays; hence, will definitely take your home entertainment to the next level. Today, projectors are more advanced, with a good number of them capable of delivering crystal clear images. Some also have 3D innovations that make images appear more real. If you like watching movies or playing games, then it will do no harm trying out a home theater projector. And we advise that you choose from the following top 10 best home theater projectors reviews for great buying experience.

1. Optoma Home Theater Projector (HD142X)

1. Optoma Home Theater Projector (HD142X)

Take entertainment to the next level with the Optoma HD142X projector. It is jam packed with several features such as 1920 * 1080 Full HD Resolution, 3000 lumens, and sRGB Support. Use it to watch Blu-ray movies and Game of Thrones, as well as to play games on PS4 and Xbox One.


. Reference Mode & sRGB: These features combine to come up with colors, which are perfectly aligned to REC.

. Dynamic Black: It automatically adjusts images to lamp output.

. MHL Connectivity: Allows you to turn the unit into a smart display.

. Full 3D: The projector is capable of displaying true 3D content from nearly all 3-Dimensional sources.

. Built-in 10W speaker: It offers a powerful and crystal clear sound.

2. Epson 2040 Home Theater Projector

2. Epson 2040 Home Theater Projector

Getting the best home theater projector has never been easier; thanks to Epson. The manufacturer is proud to introduce to you the Epson 2040 Home Theater Projector, which has everything it takes to make watching movie unforgettable. With it, you will be able to enjoy movies, TV shows, and games, among others.


. Built-in speaker: It produces quality, clear sound.

. MHL Connectivity and HDMI Ports: They allow you to enjoy games, movies, and more.

. 2200 lumens color brightness: They ensure increased accuracy.

. 2200 lumens white brightness: They are for well-lit rooms.

. Frame Interpolation and Image Enhancement: They ensure smooth and crisp images.

. 3LCD Technology: Eliminates the annoying rainbow effect.

. Setup tools: They let you enjoy HD content right from the box.

3. BenQ HT2050 Home Theater Projector

3. BenQ HT2050 Home Theater Projector

Bring real movie theater experience right to your living room with the BenQ HT2050 Home Theater Projector. It is an intelligently engineered model that produces the finest image quality for great entertainment. This unit will quickly become your favorite gadget.


. 1-year limited warranty: It protects manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.

. 10-watt stereo speaker: It features breakthrough technology, so it can enhance the sound.

. HD 1080p resolution: It produces sharp and crystal clear images.

. Whisper quiet operation: Allows you to watch the movie and not to listen to the projector.

. Auto standby mode: It saves energy and prolongs lamp life up to 7000 hours.

. Diagonal screen size: It makes the projector easy to install and set up.

4. Epson 5040UB Home Theater Projector

4. Epson 5040UB Home Theater Projector

Turn your home into a modern theater with the Epson 5040UB Home Theater Projector. It is a top quality home theater projector that has everything you need for 100-percent satisfaction. Ideally, it is perfect for many different rooms, and this helps promote convenience.


. 4K Enhancement Technology: Enables the projector to not only accept 4K input but also to support HDCP 2.2.

. HDR Compatible: It gives you the opportunity to enjoy HDR contents.

. 3D Picture: Takes entertainment to the next level.

. Expansive color gamut: It displays all the sRGB and DCI color spaces.

. 16-piece glass lens: It ensures outstanding clarity.

. 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio: It allows for rich details in both dark and bright scenes.

5. Epson 640 Home Theater Projector

5. Epson 640 Home Theater Projector

Epson knows that you love entertainment; therefore, it helps you take it a notch higher by unveiling the Epson 640 Home Theater Projector. Designed for late night movies, multiplayer video games, and outdoor matinees, this unit is without a doubt one of the most versatile projectors on the market today.


. Built-in speaker: It produces clear sound and bass.

. 4 built-in color modes: They are for different entertainment.

. Portable design: The projector is lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.

. Long-lasting lamps: They allow you to watch a film every day for more than 10 years.

. HDMI Connectivity: It lets you connect your streaming device, Blu-Ray Disc player or gaming console.

. Simple image adjustments: They ensure fast and easy setup.

6. Crenova LED Video Home Projector (XPE460)

6. Crenova LED Video Home Projector (XPE460)

If you are looking for an innovative home cinema projector for home entertainment, the Crenova LED Video Home Projector is the unit to go for. It is affordable yet it delivers stunning results. Furthermore, it comes with a free HDMI cable for 100-percent satisfaction.


. Mini size: Makes it easy to travel with the projector.

. Upgraded LED source technology: Enables the unit to project a clear image.

. 12-month warranty: It protects against original defects.

. Innovative design: It allows you to customize your screen.

. Square pixel technology: It enables the projector to display clearer pictures than most projectors in the same class.

7. Ragu Home Theater Projector (Z400)

7. Ragu Home Theater Projector (Z400)

Whether you want to watch a late night movie or enjoy a late night football, the Ragu Z400 model should be a frontier for you. It is specially designed to bring more fun in your house or in your backyard. As such, this projector comes loaded with several features to make sure you experience the much-needed entertainment.


. 1600 bright lumens: They deliver outstanding performance in dark places.

. Portable size: The projector is super lightweight, meaning you will be able to carry it anywhere.

. Flexible Connection: The projector features HDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, AV/TV port, USB port, and SD card slot.

. Versatile functionality: The projector is perfect for watching TV shows, playing games, and streaming movies.

. 1-year guaranteed warranty: Protects against original defects.

8. GooDee 3200 Luminous Home Theater Projector

8. GooDee 3200 Luminous Home Theater Projector

This digital theater projector is the go-to product for anyone who wants to experience entertainment like never before. It is designed for games and movies; hence, it comes equipped with features that help it achieve all these. In addition, the GooDee Home Theater Projector is engineered with convenience in mind.


. Portable design: It makes the projector perfect for backyard watching.

. 1280 x 800p native resolution: It delivers exceptional image performance.

. 2-year warranty: It allows for free exchange.

. 2-month guarantee: It allows for free return.

. Built-in stereo speakers: They produce premium quality sound.

. Numerous inputs: They include USB, VGA, HDMI, and AV. Well, they help promote versatility.

. Single LCD panel: It has an ultra-high power LED light source for enhanced performance.

9. Crenova 720P HD Home Theater Projector (XPE680)

9. Crenova 720P HD Home Theater Projector (XPE680)

Crenova is more than pleased to introduce to you the Crenova XPE680 model. Well, this projector is designed with versatility in mind; hence, you will be able to use it for entertainment and education, among other things. Ideally, Crenova makes it fun to use by providing a lifetime bulb replacement.


. 1-year warranty: It protects against original defects for 1 year.

. Versatile capability: The home theater projector can be used for watching TV shows, streaming movies, playing games, and more.

. Built-in LED bulb: It saves up to 70% of energy and lasts up to 20,000 hours.

. 2800 lumens LED light source: It ensures a stunning home cinema experience.

. User manual: It guides you on how to use the projector.

10. Epson 3500 Home Theater Projector (Certified Refurbished)

10. Epson 3500 Home Theater Projector (Certified Refurbished)

One main reason for going for premium quality projectors is that they deliver extraordinary performance and unrivaled image quality. Well, one of these premium quality projectors is the Epson 3500 Home Theater Projector that will undoubtedly take your home entertainment to the next level.


. Two built-in 10-watt speakers: They deliver lifelike sound.

. Super Resolution: It produces crisp and sharp images.

. Horizontal and vertical lens shift: It helps in the configuration of the projector setup.

. 2-Dimensional & 3-Dimensional Full HD technology: They make adventures fascinating.

. 7 built-in color modes: They are designed for a variety of environments.

. 2-year limited warranty: Promotes hassle-free buying experience.

. Two HDMI inputs: They allow you to connect the projector directly to MHL-enabled smartphones, tablets, and more.

Those are the best projectors you will ever come across on the market. They are durable, functional, and super versatile. Best of all, they come in a variety of brands and prices to help you get at least one that best suits your needs. Get one today and use it for streaming movies in your bedroom, watching TV shows in the living room or playing games in the game room.